New CD story goes on!

The goal of the 5000$ is reached so The Sheila Divine will record a new album. Well done for all the fans who helped to realise this project. In september the band will be two days in the studio to record two unreleased TSD-songs from the past Horses & Pacemaker. In Oktober the big work will start with the full album. Fans will be asked to participate with ideas for the new album so we can see how the recording evoluates.

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A new beginning

A new start for The Sheila Divine was for me a signal to make a new fansite. With all the big news that was recently announced, there is hopefully enough to write in the future. New stuff will be updated frequently. The site is totaly in English so everyone can read it easily. At the left you can find concert data, video's, pictures from the concerts,...

If you have nice ideas, information, pictures,... you can send them by email to thesheiladivinefansite@hotmail.com

Please don't forget to support the kickstarter project from The Sheila Divine for recording a new full CD!

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Sheila Divine Comeback announcement

If the goal of 5000$ is reached they will come with new numbers and a new CD.

Pledge $1 or more
Digital Download of the Record
Pledge $15 or more
Digital Download and an original one of a kind signed photo from the recording session.
Pledge $30 or more
Digital Download and Limited Edition TSD T-shirt
Pledge $50 or more
Digital Download, T-shirt, and original one of a kind signed photo.
Pledge $100 or more
Digital Download, Studio Visit during recording, and 2 Tickets to any TSD show.
Pledge $250 or more
Digital Download, T-Shirt, Photo, Studio Visit, 2 Tickets to any TSD show, and you can record a track on a special song for the record. (*subject to our approval)
Pledge $500 or more
We will record any cover of your choosing and give you the exclusive rights and ownership to it. Sell it on Itunes, or brag to your friends. (* Cover Song limited to our musical abilities)
Pledge $1,000 or more
We will record an original song that you are the exclusive owner of. It can even have your wife's name in it if so desired.
Pledge $1,500 or more
What do you want from us? Dinner at an amazing restaurant? A date with Jim? All the options above are fair game or email us your pitch.
Pledge $5,000 or more
One concert performance by the entire band in your town or city.


About this project
Mystery and intrigue used to be the cornerstones of all those fabled recordings from the bands of yesteryear that we loved. The stark imagery and minimal liner notes from Factory Records, My Bloody Valentine spending a million dollars on Loveless, David Fridmann recording Mercury Rev on Cinematic Film, or Sigur Ros recording in an empty in ground pool.

I still look back so fondly on those days recording New Parade. It was an arduous process to create something that I think still holds up today. There was magic in those sessions as we were discovering the studio and learning to write songs for the first time.

Sadly today the value of the long play album as an artistic statement has been diminished due to our always on, consumer driven, unlimited access to culture and music. The curtain has been lifted and the glamor and mystique of rock n roll has been replaced with endless access to the bands we love.

Well it's 2010 and The Sheila Divine has decided to join the party. We want to try and recreate that lightning in a bottle. The original 3 piece line up of Aaron Perrino, Jim Gilbert, and Shawn Sears are teaming up with Brian Charles producer of New Parade to have another go at creating a piece of work that we can be proud of.

Since the age of record labels is over we are looking to our fans and friends to help us fund this exciting new project. In return for your participation and generosity we want to offer many unique experiences, opportunities, and gifts.

Whether you donate a dollar or many more we are excited to share the making of this album with you. We want to stream live feeds, have conversations, and collaborate with the Internet to make something extra special.

Thanks for all the interest and support over the years. We look forward to the months ahead.

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