The Sheila Divine - Crammerock Details

The Sheila Divine is playing at 22u55 on the Crammerock Festival. They will be playing for 1h15 minutes! So enough time for a fantastic setlist with all the hits, the classics, the exclusives...

More details here.

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New CD story goes on!

The goal of the 5000$ is reached so The Sheila Divine will record a new album. Well done for all the fans who helped to realise this project. In september the band will be two days in the studio to record two unreleased TSD-songs from the past Horses & Pacemaker. In Oktober the big work will start with the full album. Fans will be asked to participate with ideas for the new album so we can see how the recording evoluates.

TSD Aaron Gitar.jpg

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A new beginning

A new start for The Sheila Divine was for me a signal to make a new fansite. With all the big news that was recently announced, there is hopefully enough to write in the future. New stuff will be updated frequently. The site is totaly in English so everyone can read it easily. At the left you can find concert data, video's, pictures from the concerts,...

If you have nice ideas, information, pictures,... you can send them by email to thesheiladivinefansite@hotmail.com

Please don't forget to support the kickstarter project from The Sheila Divine for recording a new full CD!

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