Crammerock 2010 - The return of TSD

Crammerock 2010 goes in the historybooks as the comebackshow from The Sheila Divine! The band was playing for the first time in years a full set list on the festival. All the hits were played together with some fan classics.
Modern Log
Like A Criminal
Awful Age
Walking Dead
Every Year
The Amendment
Automatic Buffalo (together with Stijn Meuris)

There was also a special birthday performance from Aaron solo for the first fan ever in Belgium, Gino. The audiance was pretty big and appreciated the music, maybe it was for many the first time they saw TSD. We noticed all that they enjoyed playing the gig and it seems they really want to go further with this by making the new album. We hope that they will be back for a long time.

Crammerock 123.JPG












Crammerock 117.JPG











Crammerock 135.JPG



















In the following days I will post more pictures and some videos.


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The show was amazing, I went crazy certainly when they played I'm a Believer. Hope to see them again soon.

Posted by: Cynthia | 09/05/2010

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Thanks for the setlist and pics, man. Due to trouble with our GPS we missed the first half of the show, but the part we caught rocked like fuck.

Posted by: voskat | 09/05/2010

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It was the first time that I saw The Sheila Divine, but I liked every second of their performance!
They won a new Belgium fan!

Posted by: Kristel | 09/05/2010

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Not all the hits were played: I really missed sideways! Please come back to Belgium to play that song.

Posted by: Erik | 09/06/2010

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you rock...yeah, yeah. nice pictures canonmaster.

Posted by: the laughing knight | 09/06/2010

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This was absolutely a birthday to remember !
Thank you Aaron , Shawn & Jim !!!
Greetings to all the " believers "
Keep up all that good work Tom !

Posted by: gino | 09/06/2010

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